Rent With Benefits

Start paying your rent easily with credit card or debit card.

Rent With Benefits

Start paying your rent easily with credit card or debit card.

Make your rent rewarding & start making your payments anywhere, anytime.

Simplify your rent payments through the easy-to-use RentMoola dashboard. Seamlessly schedule one time payments each month or forget about them completely with monthly recurring payments.

Fast Sign Up

Create your tenant profile effortlessly in minutes. No commitments, no surprises, no sign up fees.

Pay Your Way

Choose a payment method that suits you. We accept any credit card and debit card.

Managing your rent payments has never been easier.

Never lose track of your payment history again. Review the details all of your previous transactions, break down payments into individual charges, and even keep your property manager in the loop with note attachments.


Set up recurring or one-time payments and split rent with your roommates, too.

100% Hassle-Free

We guarantee your rent payment always arrives on time to your property manager or landlord.

Enjoy great offers with our exclusive MoolaPerks. For free.

Just by signing up, you'll instantly gain access to hundreds of deals on travel, shopping, home service providers and more, all while earning extra points by paying rent with your favorite rewards credit card.


Access exclusive deals and earn extra points with your favorite rewards credit card.


Enter for chances to win free rent, prepaid gift cards, and trips around the world.

Changing the way you pay your rent, forever.

I like using RentMoola because it takes the hassle out of paying rent and can be done with the click of a button.

Danica T.
RentMoola User